Velloorkunnu Sree Mahadeva Temple
The word 'Velloorkunnu' means 'hill of lights'. This temple is dedicated to Sree Mahadeva that means Lord Shiva and is one of the unique Shiva temples. The temple is situated where three rivers merge to meet. If you are planning to make a visit, Saturdays and Mondays will be a better choice as those days are considered to be more auspicious.

Puzhakkara Bhagavathy Temple
This temple is situated near Thriveni Sangamam – where the three rivers – Thodupuzha, Kothamangalam and Kaliyar river combines to form Muvattupuzha river. The deity of Puzhakkara Bhagavathy temple is Devi. If you are visiting this temple on the month of December, you will be able to be part of Chirappu Mahotsavam – the annual ten day festival.

Sree Kumara Bhajana Devaswom Temple
Situated on a small hill at Muvattupuzha town, Sree Kumara Bhajana Dewaswom Temple is managed by Sree Narayana Guru Dharma Paripalana Sangam (SNDP), Muvattupuzha. The deities here are Lord Shiva and Murugan. Both of them have equal importance here. The 'Kumbha pooya Mahotsavam' is world famous and people from all over the world gather here on this occasion.

Pallikavu Bhagavathy Temple
Situated on the banks of Muvattupuzha river, Pallikavu Bhagavathy temple is dedicated to Pallikavilamma. As per popular beliefs, the power of the Pallikavilamma is similar to that of Chattanikkara Bhagavathy, Ernakulam. The temple has a history which is 100 years old.

Mattapilli Sri Krishna Temple
This temple in Muvattupuzha is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. It is located in the Muvattupuzha- Arakuzha road, near the banks of Muvattupuzha river. The 100 year old temple's history is related to Tipu Sultan. History says that the temple was formed by the brahmins, who fled from the Malabar, in fear of Tipu Sultan. They placed their Lord here. You can also find Goddess Kali here.

Holy Magi­Syro Malabar Catholic Forane Church
This Syrian­Catholic church is situated in the heart of the city. This church is also known as Holy Magi Church and comes under the Syro­Malabar diocese of Kothamangalam. It was in July 27, 1820, this church was built in the form of a chapel. The chapel was constructed by the King to show the gratitude towards a 'Father', who helped the king's administrators.

St Peter's and St Paul's Church
Just 3 kilometers west to Muvattupuzha there lays St Peters and St Pauls Church. Founded in AD 1875, the church got renovated in the year 1975. Visit this church to have a wonderful spiritual experience.

Christ The King Roman Latin Church
Founded in 1925, Christ the King Latin Church is located near Vazhappilly junction.

Perumattom Dasukhi Masjid
This is one of the oldest mosque in Perumattom Dasukhi Masjid. This region is famous for Sufi Darvesh, who had mystical treatment capabilities.

Patta Juma Masjid
This masjid is located near Post Office junction and is the main mosque of Thulukkar or Tamil Muslims.

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