Places in Muvattupuzha

Concrete Bridge in Muvattupuzha
Once you are in Muvattupuzha, you can't miss to visit the concrete bridge here, which is said to be first concrete bridge in Asia. Located near the Nehru park, this concrete bridge is built around 1914. The construction was supervised by British Engineer V H Emerald and was held during the reign of Maharajah Sreemoolam Thirunaal. Another peculiarity of this bridge is that it connects two regions of the city – the main town centre (Kacherithazham) and Velloorkunnam, Vazhapilly and Kadathy.

There is an interesting story on this bridge. It is said that, the local people were suspicious about the strength of this bridge and were reluctant towards it. To make them believe, fifteen elephants were made to walk together over the bridge and the British engineer and his wife stood under the bridge on a boat.

St Peter's and St Paul's Church
Just 3 kilometers west to Muvattupuzha there lays St Peters and St Pauls Church. Founded in AD 1875, the church got renovated in the year 1975. Visit this church to have a wonderful spiritual experience.

Velloorkunnu Sree Mahadeva Temple
The word 'Velloorkunnu' means 'hill of lights'. This temple is dedicated to Sree Mahadeva that means Lord Shiva and is one of the unique Shiva temples. The temple is situated where three rivers merge to meet. If you are planning to make a visit, Saturdays and Mondays will be a better choice as those days are considered to be more auspicious.

Ramakrishna Math
This Math or Ashrama is situated in a hillock called Ashramam Kunnu and one of the wonderful places to make your mind calm and tension free. The Ashrama was constructed in 1931 by Swami Nirmalananda on behalf of Ramakrishna Mission. Though renovated later, the ashrama still carries the spiritual elements to rejuvenate and refresh you.

Puzhakkara Bhagavathy Temple
This temple is situated near Thriveni Sangamam – where the three rivers – Thodupuzha, Kothamangalam and Kaliyar river combines to form Muvattupuzha river. The deity of Puzhakkara Bhagavathy temple is Devi. If you are visiting this temple on the month of December, you will be able to be part of Chirappu Mahotsavam – the annual ten day festival.

River-side Park
This is a place for children and also for those who are in love with nature. This is a butterfly park, where you can see rare collection of butterflies. You can also indulge with boating on the river, where you will forger all your worries.

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