Welcome to Muvattupuzha

A municipality in Ernakulam district, Muvattupuzha, lies just around 53 km away from the district capital Ernakulam. Muvattupuzha borders both Kottayam and Idukki districts on southern and eastern sides respectively. Once, Muvattupuzha was the second biggest town in the North Travancore region.

Muvattupuzha has got its name after the river 'Moovattupuzha'. Interestingly, 'Muvattupuzha River' comprises three different rivers – Kothamangalam, Kaliyar and Thodupuzha. 'Moonu ' means 'three' and 'aaru' means 'rivers' thus evolved the name 'Moovattupuzha', where these three rivers unite to form a big river. Another interesting fact is that this river divides the town into three different segments.

History reveals that Muvattupuzha was once a part of Vadakkamkoor. Later it was captured by the Travancore Kingdom. This was the story before independence. After independence the town became a part of Kottayam district. It remained a part of the district even after the formation of Kerala state. Later it became a panchayat and by 1958, it raised its status into a Municipality under Ernakulam district.

With a rich tradition, Muvattuppuzha still remains a prominent part of Kerala culture. The Syrian Christian community here practices Margamkali and Parichamuttukali. Muvattupuzha is also famous as the birth place of many prominent personalities like Shadkala Govinda Marar, politicians like P P Esthose, N Parameswaran Nair, K M George etc.

Agriculture and small scale industries are the main source of economy at Muvattupuzha. Till 1975, it was a prominent commercial centre. Though old glory doesn't exist, Muvattupuzha still has its commercial relevance. Muvattupuzha is easy to access from Ernakulam (Kochi) and Kottayam. From Trivandrum the distance is 208 km.

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